Welcome to Single Line Express Inc.

Single Line Express, Inc. is a leading logistics company that specializes in a full range of logistic services that including but not limited to Full-Truck Load, Less-Than Truck Load (AKA – LTL), Expedited Freight, and Warehousing throughout the United States and overseas. We offer unmatched service commitment, integrity and reliability to whatever your transportation needs. Additionally, our state of the art satellite tracking technology will allow customers to track the where-about of their shipments within seconds anytime and anywhere.

At Single Line Express, Inc., we strive to provide the highest quality of service, most updated technology to our customers. We treat our customers, associates, partners and suppliers with the same integrity, honesty, and respect. You can rest assured once your shipment is on our truck.
Our sophisticated satellite tracking system will save you time and effort in trying to get the current location of your shipment. With just a click of the mouse, you will know exactly where your shipment is and can update immediately with your customers.

We value and appreciate your trust putting on our company. When you come to us, you knowing that you are in a good hand.